3rd Annual Innovation Showcase

The Office of Personnel Management HR Strategy and Evaluation Solutions once again partnered with the Kansas City Federal Executive Board to bring you the 2017 Kansas City Innovation Connection on August 8th at the Harry S Truman Library & Museum. This event showcased and recognized the hard work, creativity, and grass-roots development Kansas City Federal employees are doing to make their agencies better and more efficient while also offering an opportunity to all attendees for networking and collaboration.

Congratulations to our top 3 innovations:

1st Place – Laboratory Autoverification Kansas City VA Medical Center 

2nd Place – Resource Database  – National Nuclear Security Administration

3rd Place –  Flood Forecast Inundation Mapping (FFIM) Tool  – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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We thank and recognize our five Innovation Connection Finalist.  An overview the the innovations and presentations are below:

1) Dashboard and Report Card
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Kansas City DMHPO Reports Team
A dashboard and report card for staff and management to utilize as one stop shopping. Pulling information and data from four different systems and compiling into one result in an easy to read layout and display for quick reference and management of work
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2) Resource Database
National Nuclear Security Administration – Kansas City Field Office
Beth Walker
A database that identifies resources and activities and common tasks in functional areas. The database is customizable and has a query page. Senior management uses the database in the annual management retreats for planning. The database has helped our office handle attrition,
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3) Teamwork Approach to Records Management
Federal Aviation Administration
Central Region Airports Team
A streamlined and standardized process to better manage airport grant files. Moving away from a long time practice of collecting hard copy records to storing our required documentation in an electronic management system. This new system allows employees to retrieve documents from the records center in a more productive manner and has real world savings in man-hours and office resources.
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4) Laboratory Autoverification
Kansas City VA Medical Center
KCVA Laboratory Autoverification Team
A computer software tool to aid the work flow of VA laboratories throughout the nation. The existing system required a manual review of printed results from analyzers before releasing to the patient’s record. This team developed a tool to automate the process. Kansas City’s local software innovation was approved and released to all VA laboratories in August 2016.
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5) Flood Forecast Inundation Mapping (FFIM) Tool
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Brian Rast, PE, CFM, PMP
The FFIM is a public risk communication technique regarding flood hazards. It is a service that can help communities provide significantly increased flood hazard awareness and flood hazard mitigation. This tool is possible through interagency collaboration to leverage programs and help communities understand how to mitigate floods with federal programs.
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