The Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board is a catalyst for communication, coordination and collaboration among Federal offices across the Kansas City metropolitan area. This FEB is comprised of 160 federal agencies located in Cass, Clay, Jackson, Johnson, Leavenworth, Platte, Ray, and Wyandotte counties. The Federal government is Kansas City’s largest employer. The over 38,000 Federal employees make a significant contribution to the area economy as well as strong commitment to community services. Last year, area Federal employees contributed nearly 1 million dollars through the Heartland Combined Federal Campaign.

The Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board performs highly valuable functions for this federal community, such as:

  • A forum for the exchange of information between Washington, D.C. and the field about programs, management strategies, and administrative challenges.
  • A point of coordination for the development and operation of Federal programs having common characteristics.
  • A strategic partner, bringing agencies together and facilitating collaboration to achieve common goals.
  • A cost saver to the Federal government by providing affordable training to local agencies.
  • A means of communication through which D.C. can strengthen the field understanding and support management initiatives and concerns.
  • Federal representation and involvement within the Kansas City community.

The Federal Executive Board is proud to serve the Greater Kansas City Federal community for over 50 years. With the Greater Kansas City FEB, there are numerous opportunities to pool experience and resources to build a more effective and efficient Federal government.

National FEB Strategic Plan

2023 Greater Kansas City FEB Operating Plan