Executive Committee

The Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board’s Executive Committee seeks to undertake activities in the areas of Government-wide policy implementation, service to the community, and improving the quality of the Federal Government service, that will best contribute to the effectiveness and economy of government operations in Kansas City and vicinity. The Executive Committee serves as a common council. They are called upon by the FEB Chairperson to establish major goals, review and approve work plans, monitor the progress and evaluate accomplishments, recommend changes in program direction, suggest areas for improvement, and generally make its expertise available when it is needed.

FY 2021 Officers:

Regina Heise, DOC – Chairperson

 Jeff Kahrs, HHS – 1st Vice Chairperson

        Lori Mings, IRS – 2nd Vice Chairperson

        Jason Mohr, HUD- 3rd Vice Chairperson

 Executive Committee:

Richard Backland, DOT

Susan deCourcy, NHTSA

Natascha DeGuire, EEOC

       Phil Kirk – DHS-CISA

         Ron Miller, USMS

        Joe Miniace, FAA

Jason Parman, OPM

Matt Pike, DOD/DCSA

       Terri Robinson, USCIS-NBC

        Kimberly Stille, Dept of Labor-OSHA

       David Thomas- DHS-FPS