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Sent: Friday, April 3, 2020 4:51 AM
Subject: (U//FOUO) COVID-19 – Worldwide – Situation Report – 04-03-20 (Update 33) | NSC Level 2 – Medium – Yellow | (INC10276272)



COVID-19 – Worldwide – Situation Report – 04-03-20 (Update 33) | NSC Level 2 – Medium – Yellow | (INC10276272)

Critical Infrastructure Involved: Commercial Facilities (Public Assembly), Energy (Oil), Government Facilities (Election Infrastructure), Healthcare and Public Health, Transportation Systems (Aviation, Mass Transit and Passenger Rail)

SUMMARY: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) continues to monitor the evolving Coronavirus Disease, also known as COVID-19, situation closely. CISA is taking part in interagency and industry coordination calls and working with critical infrastructure partners to prepare for possible disruptions to critical infrastructure that may stem from widespread illness.

Cybersecurity Considerations – Several states report continuing cyber disruptions, including in school systems. An increasing trend is anticipated due in part to an increase in teleworking.

As of 0300 ET on April 03, FEMA reports there are approximately 823,626 cases and 40,598 deaths worldwide. In the US there are approximately 215,497 cases and 4,564 deaths.


  • The President invoked the Defense Production Act (DPA) to assist ventilator manufacturers in the production of ventilators
  • 2020 Democratic National Convention postponed until week of August 17th due to COVID-19
  • 40 states, Washington, D.C., 4 US Territories and 12 tribes have issued shelter-in-place orders
  • 35 (+3) states and territories were approved for Major Disaster Declarations, to include VA, TN, and the U.S. Virgin Islands







(Public Assembly)

At least 40 states, 4 US Territories, and Washington, D.C. are implementing quarantine measures ranging from travel restrictions, social-distancing measures, or limits on public assembly or group. Numerous cities within these states are implementing similar measures.

Florida, Mississippi, and Nevada issued stay-at-home orders.




On April 2, DOE announced a solicitation to immediately make 30 million barrels of the SPR’s oil storage capacity available to U.S. oil producers, and to make an additional 47 million barrels of storage capacity available thereafter.




The U.S. Department of State has temporarily halted its passport services with the exception of travelers who have a “qualified life-or-death emergency.”

(Election Infrastructure)

The governor of Wisconsin has agreed to use members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard to work at the polls during the April 7 election amid a massive shortage of poll workers that is leaving some communities without anyone to give voters ballots on Election Day.





FDA revised guidelines in order to increase supply of blood donations and address the urgent and immediate need for blood and blood components.

The Joint Commission, a healthcare accreditation organization, made a new recommendation allowing for healthcare workers to utilize their own PPE.

The Maine (MA) National Guard, MA Department of Public Health, and the Broad Institute (MIT, Harvard) partnered to provide in-facility testing of symptomatic residents at nursing homes to prevent hospital traffic and exposure.




The DOT will force airlines to refund passengers on cancelled flights, rather than allow them to provide credit for future travel.

(Mass Transit and Passenger Rail)

The DOT announced a total of $25 billion in federal funding allocations to help the country’s public transportation systems.



FEMA reports 35 (+3) states and territories were approved for Major Disaster Declarations, to include VA, TN, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


CISA Actions:

  • CISA maintains a COVID-19 Action Team (CAT) conducting information management, stakeholder engagement, and interagency partnership operations
  • CISA personnel are assisting with answering stakeholder inquiries relating to the CISA release of CISA’s “Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce”
  • Current GETS/WPS/TSP summary:

o   Government Emergency Telecommunications (GETS) expedited: 2,490 (+87)

o   Wireless Priority Service (WPS) activated: 51,279 (+8,191)

o   Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) provisioned: 171 (+5)