ADR/Shared Neutrals


Susan DeCourcy, DOT
Sandra Jones, IRS
Kerry Anderson, OPM-FIS


The ADR/Shared Neutrals Program is a cooperative arrangement between participating federal agencies in the greater Kansas City area that make reciprocal agreements for alternative dispute resolution services and to share resources cooperatively.

Goals and Activities to Accomplish Mission

  • Process, Assign and Mediate ADR Cases.
  • Conduct Quarterly Liaison/Mediator Meetings.
  • Develop and Implement an Outreach/Marketing Strategy.
  • Conduct Liaison/Mediator Training.
  • Conduct 8-HourRefresher Training.
  • Conduct EEO Training.
  • Conduct Confidentiality Agreement Training.

If you would like more information about this committee or would like to become a member please contact the FEB office at 816.823.5100.

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