What’s In Your Retirement Wallet – Agenda & Downloadables



Thrift Savings Plan – Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

TSP for Early to Mid-Career

TSP Part 1A – Presentation

                TSP Part 1A – YouTube – (starts at slide 11)


TSP Part 1B – Presentation

                TSP Part 1B – YouTube


TSP Pre-Separation Briefing

TSP Part 2A – Presentation

                 TSP Part 2A – YouTube


TSP Part 2B – Presentation

                TSP Part 2B – YouTube


Investing Outside the TSP – U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission

SEC/TSP Program – Presentation

        SEC/TSP Program – YouTube


CSRS and FERS Overview – U.S. Office of Personnel Management

CSRS and FERS Overview – Presentation

         CSRS and FERS Overview – YouTube

        Army Benefits Center Slides – Presentation


Social Security Benefits Overview by the Social Security Administration

Social Security

        Social Security – YouTube