Veterans Affairs


The mission of the KCFEB Veterans Affairs Committee is to support the Veterans in the federal community and to promote Veterans activities in the metropolitan area by providing a variety of services and activities for our nation’s Veterans.

Committee Leadership

MelissaMiller-Mura                                                           Paula Hoffman            
Chairperson                                                                          Vice-Chairperson                                            

Vanessa Thomson, USDA

Program Coordinators

Dennis Johnson                                                           Jonni Christian / Vacant
Kansas City STAND DOWN                                          Woman Veterans Information

Vacant                                                                           Alan Edmonds / Jeff Winters        
Events & Discounts for Veterans                               Veterans Benefits

Dean Scott, DOT
Guest Speaker

Committee Information
If you would like more information about this committee or would like to become a member please contact the FEB office at 816.823.5100.

Branches of Service

1-air force 1-army 1-coast guard 1-marines 1-navy