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August 11th    FEB Webinar Series-
                                                “What is Your Communication Style & Why It Matters?”

August 12th    Building Your Executive Leadership Team (BELT)

August 17th   Leading Across Generations

August 24th    Reality Based Leadership

August 25th   Synchronicity

Sept 8th        Tips and Tricks on Networking and Building Relationships,
                                                                                           One introvert at a time

Sept 8th           Practical and Painless Performance Reviews

Sept 9th           Restore Harmony and Reduce Stress When Life Gets Crazy

Sept 14th       “Martial Arts for the Mind” Stress and Resilience Training

Sept 14th      Cross Generational Communication

Sept 16th      Powerful Influence Strategies for Work and Life

Sept 21st      Developing Leadership Presence

October 12th  – The Neuroscience of Leadership

October 14th – Dealing with Difficult People

October 19th    Building Your Executive Leadership Team (BELT)

November 2nd – Leadership Goes to the Movies

11/02 & 11/16     Coaching and Mentoring

November 4th – 7 Best Practices of Leaders

December 7th – The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence

December 9th   – Resilience Training for Life and Work

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Virtual Trainings at the Graduate School USA