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January 14th:      Powerful Stress Management Techniques for Work and Life

January 26th:      Generations in the Workplace Training

February 9th        How to Lead a Virtual Meeting that Gets Results

February 10th    A Winning Culture in Government: The Ultimate Mission Essential

February 10th      First 100 Days: Mission Critical Priorities

February 16th:     The 7 Best Practices of Exceptional Leaders

February 18th:     How to Be Happy at Work and in Life

February 23rd & 24th    Effective Communication Strategies

February 24th:    Understanding and Improving Motivation in the Workplace

March 10th            Making Time for Change

March 24th           Executive Women in Motion – Phase II

April 28th          120th Pre-Retirement Seminar

May 10 – 11th    Six Core Competencies of a Successful Leader

June 9 – 10th      What’s in Your Retirement Wallet


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