Executive Women in Motion

  •  March 8, 2017
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Executive Women in Motion’s (EWIM) mission is to promote the advancement of women in the Senior Executive Service through interagency mentoring, collaboration and knowledge-sharing.  EWIM objectives are to:

  • Motivate Federal women to enter the Senior Executive Service
  • Expand EWIM program government- wide
  • Increase leadership capacity

There are two separate FREE sessions targeting federally employed women at varying leadership levels.  These sessions will be held on Wednesday, March 8th at the USDA Beacon Complex, 6501 Beacon Drive, Kansas City, MO.  Each EWIM session includes a keynote speaker, OPM leadership development presentation, and networking.  The afternoon session also includes a flash mentoring component.  For specific session descriptions and objectives, please see information below.


  • Morning Session – Moving Ahead in the Federal Government is a 2.5 hour event that targets Federal Employees in grades GS-11 and below.  The objectives of this session are to:

o   Highlight various aspects of the Federal Leadership Journey

o   Provide an overview of the leadership competencies needed to be successful

o   Provide an overview of the best practices in development of the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)

o   Promote career growth and development

o   To register for the Morning Session, Click Here!


  • Afternoon Session – Executive Women in Motion: Pathways to Senior Executive Service is a 3 hour event that targets Federal employees in grades GS 12-15 grade levels.  The objectives of this session are to:

o   Motivate Federal employees towards attaining opportunities in the Senior Executive Service

o   Provide an overview of the SES hiring process and the role of the QRB

o   Provide further insight into the ECQs and how they apply to the SES

o   Promote and encourage interagency collaborations and networking

o   Flash Mentoring with SES Members

o   To register for the Afternoon Session, Click Here!


Please see attachment for more details and distribute this widely among your agency.


This is sponsored by the OPM EWIM Team and the Greater Kansas City FEB.  The EWIM Mentoring Program supports the White House Equal Futures Partnership initiative designed for women to participate fully in public life and to lead and benefit from inclusive economic growth.   EWIM uses collaboration and mentoring as catalysts to increase the Federal workforce awareness and number of women in the Senior Executive Service (SES).

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