TSP – the Basics: Roth vs Traditional

  •  January 16, 2019
     12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

This month’s webinar will speak on TSP vs TSP Roth “The Basics”.  This very fast-paced webinar is geared towards all federal employees.   Although geared toward all employees, it should be especially be helpful to newer federal employees.   It will cover the following:  a) a brief introduction to the TSP, b) comparison of the TSP to the TSP Roth,  c) review the TSP and TSP Roth concepts with an emphasis on the TSP Roth, and d) provide a few takeaways for the participant.   Due to the constraints of time, this seminar is not designed to cover the tax impacts of with drawls from the TSP or provide possible TSP investment strategies.

Meeting information below:

TSP Webinar

Conference Number: United States: +18008320736

MeetingOne Conference Room Number: 7563371