FELD 2022 Training Documents

November Materials
Critical Thinking/w bike
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Questionaire
FELD Course Schedule
How top Federal Leaders Define Leadership
Leadership Defined Slides
Mike’s Professional Leadership Reader List
OPM Defines Leaders
Personal Development Planning Student Handbook

December Materials
Interpersonal Communications
Emotional Intelligence – Presentation
Emotional Intelligence – Why it Matters
Emotional Intelligence – 27 Emotions
Emotional Intelligence – Why to increase
Emotional Intelligence – Feeling Words
Emotional Intelligence – Schein Dialogue Article
Interpersonal Communication – Presentation
Interpersonal Communication – Bohm Dialogue Article
Interpersonal Communication -Schein Dialogue Article
Learning Styles Inventory – Presentation
Leader Philosophy – Presentation
Leader Philosophy – My Personal Philosophy
Leader Philosophy – Personal Philosophy Worksheet

January Materials
Feedback Form
Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO) Summary
FIRO – A First Look
FIRO Charts
Speaking Rubix
Cognitive DIstortions When your brain lies to you
Everything to Know About Your Internal Monologue
Self Reliance
Team Dynamics Presentation
Belbins Team Roles
Five Models for Understanding Team Dynamics
Group Dynamics Research
The Basics of Group Dynamics
The Secret to Great Group Dynamics
Trust Overview
Six Ways to Build Trust
How to Have a Conversation
Interpersonal Trust in Organizations

February Materials
Breakroom assignments
Personal Development Activities
Personal Development Planning
Organizational Culture Change Insights
Facets of Change
Managing change and transitions
Personal Development Plan
Thaw Freeze
When Empowering Employees Works
Feedback Additional Reading

March Materials
Leadership Styles Workshop Learning Resource Handout
Exploring Leadership Styles
Leadership vs Management
Transformational Leadership
Understanding Conflict

April Materials
Chief Human Capital Officers Coaching Memo 2018
FELD Coaching Lesson April 2022
The Key To Effective Coaching Per Forbes
Capstone Feedback Template 2022
Counseling Presentation
HHS PMAP Handbook
KC FELD Mentorship Guide 2022
Leadership Styles Comparisons
Managing Federal Employees Performance Issues or Misconduct
OPM Guide to Counseling
Performance Counseling GW University
Personal Development Planning 
Powerful questions
Putins Leadership Style
Zelenskyy’s Leadership

May Materials
Core Values and What They Represent in our Lives
Federal Gov Employee Values
FELD Values May 2022