FELD 2023 Training Documents (virtual)

October Materials
Critical Thinking booklet
Critical Thinking Presentation
Personal Development Planning
Personal Philosophy Worksheet
Opening Chart

November Materials
Leadership Defined
How top federal leaders define leadership
OPM Defines Leaders
Learning Styles
Emotional Intelligence Leadership Questionaire

December Materials
Building Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence: What it is and Why it Matters
Virtual Emotional Intelligence Presentation 
Why Increase Your Emotional Intelligence?
I-Messages and You-Messages
Working Together with I-messages
Active Listening Observation and Reflection
The Lost Art of Feedback
Virtual Feedback Slides
Interpersonal Communication
Active Listening Observation and Reflection
Communications Effectiveness
Bohm Dialogue Article
Schein Dialogue Article

January Materials
Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (FIRO)
A Brief Summary of FIRO Theory
Learning to Mentor
How to Have a Conversation
What you get when you give Mentoring
Gender Differences in Mentoring
KC FELD Mentorship Guide
Team Dynamics
Improving Group Dynamics
Belbin Team Roles
Trust Overview
How to Build Trust

February Materials
Virtual Facets of Change
20 Organizational Culture Change Insights
Bridges Transition Model and Worksheets
Understanding Conflict
Conflict Resolution Guide

March Materials
Full Range Leadership
Leadership Styles February 2023
Servant Leadership
Situational Leadership

April Materials
7 Problem Solving Skills
Decision Making Virtual FELD
Problem Solving and Decision Making in Groups
Problem Solving FELD
Red Teaming Handbook
Understanding Decision Making

Speaking Rubric
FELD Speaking Rubric

May Materials
Coaching and Counseling
Employee Performance Handbook
A Leaders Guide To Coaching Teams
Performance Counseling Overview
Chief Human Capital Officers Coaching Memo 2018
Basic reason to coach another 
Humble Inquiry – Interview with Edward Schien
FELD Values May 2023

Individual Values Worksheet

June Materials
Ethics Presentation
Additional Ethics Resources