Individual PERD Nomination Form

Individuals may be nominated in one of the below categories (definitions below).

To ensure a nominee receives maximum consideration, be sure to include all relevant information in the sections for criteria.

Definitions of Individual Award Categories:  

  • Administrative/Professional occupations are those that involve the exercise of analytical ability, personal responsibility and the application of a substantial body of knowledge to one or more fields of administrative or professional management.  These positions are typically gained through progressively responsible experience and/or a college degree.  Occupations in this group typically begin at the Grade 9 level and above.
  • Clerical occupations are those that involve structured work in support of office, business or fiscal operations and are performed in accordance with established policies, experience or working knowledge related to the tasks to be performed. Occupations are not to exceed the Grade 8 level.
  • Community Service should be performed by employees on their own time and initiative, resulting in a significant contribution to the community.
  • Diversity The individual has made a significant contribution to advance all employees, to enhance diversity, inclusion, and to support affirmative action.  Not restricted to employees in EEO positions or special emphasis collateral duties.  You may also recognize efforts to overcome challenges presented by a disability to make a significant contribution.
  • Leadership is exemplified by the employee who, regardless of position, demonstrates the character and ability to influence and motivate others in accomplishing a major program and/or change that resulted in substantial contributions to improving service to the public.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award honors the individual, at any level, who over a sustained period of time (20 years or more) demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of excellence and dedication in public service.  This person’s efforts should reflect a consistent and distinguished record of noteworthy accomplishments that are innovative, high impact and result in improved efficiencies, economies and effectiveness of government programs.
  • Military/Military Support encompasses all commissioned officers and enlisted personnel of any rank and/or those individuals who support our active duty personnel.
  • Public Safety occupations are those that involve both the protection and safety of the public.  This includes, but is not limited to, firefighters, law enforcement officials, and security-related positions.
  • Technical occupations involve extensive practical knowledge gained through on-the-job experience, specific training or a college degree.
  • Trade/Craft positions include trades, crafts and manual labor. This includes, but is not limited to, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, etc.
  • Valor reflects an act of heroism that involves significant risk to the person(s) performing this act.

Selection criteria for the Individual Awards are as follows:

Special Accomplishments on the job within the past year.  Describe what the employee did above and beyond performance requirements (list the specific details of the accomplishments.)  Of special interest are those activities that enhance the public image of governmental employees, improve service to the public, increase productivity, or result in financial savings.  Performance considerations should reflect scope and importance of public service, effectiveness measures, and quality of performanceUp to 80 points.

  • Scope and Importance of Public Service  – Consider the scope, importance, and value of the nominee’s performance, which is being recognized.  Who has benefited from the nominee’s service or performance?  How has the service or performance affected the community, the economy, or specific individuals?  Has there been an example that would encourage others to seek public service careers?  Was the employee’s performance or service of a caliber that would likely increase confidence in the effectiveness and integrity of the Federal service in the minds of members of the public being served?
  • Effectiveness Measures – Consider any measurable indicators of organizational effectiveness, i.e., productivity improvements; improvements in timeliness; savings achieved through efficiencies; innovative techniques; or other measures, such as lives saved, number of members of the public served, etc.  Consider the impact on the organization and/or the public as a result of the nominee’s exceptional service or performance.  Did the nominee’s performance or accomplishments serve as an example or inspiration to others?
  • Quality of Performance – Consider the quality of services provided or performance of the nominee with particular emphasis on contributions and achievements.  Consider how the nominee’s performance has exceeded the agency’s quality standards and the amount of personal efforts required to sustain performance at a high level.  If appropriate, consider any innovative approaches to the job that the employee may have developed and instituted.

Honors, Awards, Commendations, Letters of Recognition, etc.  This includes both cash and non-cash awards.  Up to 20 points.

PERD Nomination Form