Regional Wellness Council

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Regional Wellness Council

Chairperson—Karen Miller, CMS


Educate and encourage federal employees to make health and wellness a priority.  This will be done by improving the worksite cultures in promoting sustainable practices, wellness, physical activity, and healthy eating.

If you would like more information about this committee or would like to become a member please contact the FEB office at 816.823.5100.



The Regional Wellness Council (RWC) was founded in 2015 for the greater Kansas City region.  The group was created as a result of increasing awareness that health and wellness relates directly to productivity.  The initial goal of the Regional Wellness Council was to improve the culture of the Greater Kansas City federal workplaces to more fully promote employee wellness, and thereby productivity, through physical activity, healthy eating, and other wellness activities.

This Kansas City FEB is comprised of 146 federal agencies.  The Federal government is Kansas City’s largest employer. The over 38,000 Federal employees make a significant contribution to the area economy as well as strong commitment to community services. Federal employees contribute millions of dollars annually through the Heartland Combined Federal Campaign.

The RWC meets the 4th Wednesday of each month. 


Regional Wellness Council Members—2017

Sonya Anderson–VA

Janice Bell–IRS

Aaron  Bleibaum–DHS

Sharon Byram–DHS

Kristina  Carignan–DOL

Alaina Carlisle–DHS

Miesha Carr–DHS

Jo Beth   Cholmondeley–DOL

John Cleveland–FEB

Brad D’Angelo–DHS

Melanie DeBoe–USPS

Susan  DeCourcy–DOT

Luetta  Flournoy–EPA

Dave  Gatliff–USDA

Jessica Gray–DHS

Terri Gregory–DOJ

Kerrie Harter–OPM

Jeffrey Heimerl–HUD

Larry Hisle–FEB

Crystal Jones–DOD

Danielle Jones–Ft Leavenworth

Larry Lavoie–HHS

Melissa Maloney–SSA

Colleen Marten–HHS

Christine Meller–USDA

Karen  Miller–HHS

Diane Neal–GSA

Elizabeth O’Neil–HUD

Melanie Pantoja–VA

Eric Pierce–DHS

Susan Pippin–Army Corps

Anne Powell–EEOC

Dustin Rider–HHS

Jamie Sackett–HHS

Ali Scruggs–HHS

Sharon Shade–VA

Joyce Townser–HHS

Karen Turner–Army Corps

Marquita Walker–SSA

Elois Walker–USDA

Stefanie Walters–GSA

Travis Williams–IRS

Donna Wolff–DHS