The 2nd Annual Kansas City FEB Innovation Connection

The Office of Personnel Management HR Strategy and Evaluation Solutions once again partnered with the Kansas City Federal Executive Board to bring you the 2016 Kansas City Innovation Connection on August 9th at the Harry S Truman Library & Museum. This event showcased and recognized the hard work, creativity, and grass-roots development Kansas City Federal employees are doing to make their agencies better and more efficient while also offering an opportunity to all attendees for networking and collaboration.

Congratulations to our top 3 innovations:

1st Place – Sharp CTT from the US Army TRADOC National Simulation Center

2nd Place – A-GAME (Airport Grant Administration Management and Engineering Database) from the Federal Aviation Administration

3rd Place –  With Your Help Survey Committee from the Dept of Labor-OSHA

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We thank and recognize our nine Innovation Connection Finalist.  An overview the the innovations and presentations are below:

US Army TRADOC National Simulation Center
Major Timothy Migliore and Lieutenant Colonel Jeffery Bevington
A laptop-based, training application tool. The learning experience is divided into three phases including an interactive, game based scenario. The training tool allows the  Army to move away from antiquated training paradigms to drive learning and discussions.
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2) Opioid Safety
Department of Veterans Affairs
Shannon M Huebert, PhD
Designed to increase the utilization of urine drug screening activities. The processes identifies appropriate patients who needed an appointment and designates points of contact for lab orders and scheduling.  It is a patient centered approach allowing patients to complete all required activities in a single appointment.
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3) Lead Paint Enforcement Team  SharePoint Project
Environmental Protection Agency
Chrislyn Means, Maria Morey, Michael Propst
A new SharePoint site. Once finished, there will be faster processing of inspection   reports . Because this infrastructure is transferrable, other programs could add efficiency to their customer service and response time.
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4) NBC Career Coaching Program
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Julie Powers
A five week program on employee career development.  The program consists of five 1-hour sessions. Upon completion of the program, the participant has an improved resume, better interview skills, and a personalized action plan for career development.
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5) With Your Help Survey Committee
Department of Labor-OSHA
Kristina Carignan and Danielle Abbott
Ideas to better our office based on the 2014 and 2015 FEVS results.  For the 4 lowest rated areas, we have implemented teams to address best practices and host office events      including TedTalks and Employee luncheons/Breakfasts. From the 2014 to 2015 survey, our statistics drastically improved.
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6) Noise Reduction on the Inpatient Unit
Department of Veterans Affairs
Kim Hannan, RN, CMSRN
A process to reduce noise on the Inpatient Unit. It included “Quiet” signs and lapel pins, educational brochures, and identification of equipment producing noise. The team     reduced noise disturbances on the unit from an average of 54 decibels to 48.6 decibels.
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7) Federal Partners Interagency Mitigation and Resilience Working Group
Brian Rast (USACE); Dr. Amy Shields (EPA)
A working group for solutions to flood and other hazard challenges. The workgroup goals include working with states, tribes, and local stakeholders on flood risk    management. It has increased collaboration between EPA and other federal agencies on climate change resiliency.
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8) Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Committee
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Deborrah Stimpfel and John Rogers
Tangible action plans for continued improvement. The committee provided visible and tangible results by publishing “Did You Know” posters and providing senior leadership with detailed reports including lessons learned. Employees have a better understanding of how the FEVS can be utilized to improve employee engagement.
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9) A-GAME (Airport Grant Administration Management and Engineering Database)
FAA-Airports Division
Ed Hyatt
Access database for routing documents, creating correspondence, and filing. This saves a user’s project correspondence and also retrieves the letter upon request in the system. There have been virtually no costs associated with creating this tool and has allowed the Division to go almost completely paperless.
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