National Weather Service- National Reconditioning Center



14200 Merritt Road, Grandview, Missouri

8 thoughts on “National Weather Service- National Reconditioning Center

  1. Ron

    I was walking in the beach and found a transmitter and inside was a plastic envelope with NOAA-National Weather Service National Reconditioning center 14200 Merritt road Grandview,MO 64030

    1. Ron

      I am from oscoda Michigan my name is Ron Carraway I was walking with my fiancé and dog and found one of your transmitters I am really interested in finding the story behind this it was on the beach on Lake Huron Oscoda Michigan 48750 should I send the package with transmitter in the mailbox or UPS my email us please give me any information you can

  2. Justin

    I live in Dayton Tennessee and I was coyote hunting on my uncle’s farm and found one of your transmitters laying on the ground on Evansville mountain so it’s too big to put in this bag u can contact me at 1-423-509-4102

  3. Justin

    I’m from jasper County GA and found one of your weather transmitter while I was deer hunting. It’s all broken and prices missing. It doesn’t have the bag to return.

  4. Martin Vetere

    I am a retired NRC employee.
    I am trying to contact my friend Rex Majors who has been inactive on Facebook for some time.
    Do you have contact info for him or can you ask him to contact me on Facebook?
    Marty Vetere

  5. Jonathan DeRaymond

    Hello, I am a public educator. I found one of your radiosondes in Bethlehem, PA. Our students are interested in finding any and all information about the use of this instrument, especially its location of launching.

  6. Melanie schoeneweiss

    I found one of your weather radiosondes at Daiblr Beach. I would like to return it but postage is for US only. Please advise


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