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150 Space Center Loop, Lee's Summit, Missouri

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  1. Zoe


    I was asked to mail an important document to this address: (150 Space Center Loop
    Lee’s Summit, MO 64064). But the USPS postal office can not accept my mail because they could not find this address on their computer. What do I do now? Can you please respond to my email

  2. Gabriella D'Angelo

    I requested a Cone and received it. However, when I attempted to get this document an apostille, it was rejected because it did not have the correct signature. I sent the Cone back to this office with a letter and document explaining what the signature needed from the Secretary of State. I have yet to hear back about the documents sent to this office. I need the correct signature. This was sent in the mail at the beginning of October.

  3. Kanhadalyss ang

    Dear NRC!

    I have requested to uscis to reschedule my application for naturalization on 01/04/21 but I didn’t receive any mail for schedule any of my appointments since that. and I have just contacted to the uscis and they responded that my file is at the NRC, you can check the detail of uscis email below.

    So is there anyway that you can check my file?Is it still overthere?can I request you to send my file to the uscis? And do I need to wait or I have to reapply?

    Best regards
    Kanhadalyss Ang

    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Department of Homeland Security
    411 South 4th Street, Suite 200
    Louisville,KY 40202

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
    Tuesday, October 26, 2021

    Emailed to

    Dear Kanhadalyss Ang:

    On 10/19/2021, you or the designated representative shown below, contacted us about your case. Some of the key information given to us at that time was the following:

    Caller indicated they are:
    — Applicant or Petitioner

    Attorney Name:
    — Information not available

    Case type:
    — N400

    Filing date:
    — 02/01/2020

    Receipt #:
    — IOE-09-085-41600

    Referral ID:
    Beneficiary (if you filed for someone else):
    — Information not available

    Your USCIS Account Number (A-number):
    — 065595368

    Type of service requested:
    — Non-Delivery of Other Notice

    The status of this service request is:

    On 10/19/2021, you or your representative contacted USCIS concerning your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, to notify us that you believe your case is outside of our normal processing time. Below is a summary of what we found and how the issue has been or may be resolved.
    Our records show that your Alien File (A-File) is currently at the National Records Center (NRC). We have requested your A-File, however, due to the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, requests to the NRC have been delayed. Unfortunately, there is no available timeframe for when we will receive your A-File. Once we do receive it, we will schedule you for an interview appointment. We apologize for the delay.
    We hope this information is helpful and appreciate your continued patience.


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